Happy ending for Domino romance


The Domino app can add yet another successful romance to its tally following the wedding of childhood sweethearts Annabell Jones and Dr Horace Smith, which took place on Saturday at Sanditon Beach.

The story of Annabell and Horace unfolded over the course of the Domino beta test, which played a role in getting them together – despite some of its famous “glitches” causing trouble for the couple.

In July, Horace became the new head OB/GYN at Sanditon Hospital, saving Sanditonians the indignity of giving birth to their children in Dolphinton. He and Annabell reconnected at a hospital banquet, and after a little denial on her part, they started dating.

Thanks to Domino and social media, Sanditon got a chance to see their romance blossom, from first dates at Sanditon Scoops to Horace’s proposal at the Sanditon County Fair. Their friends Erin and Kacie, both bridesmaids in the ceremony, supported the couple every step of the way.

Erin, head RN at the hospital, has known Horace since his residency and met Annabell this summer. “She is one of those people who when you meet, you feel as if you’ve known them forever.”

The web-based courtship was not always smooth sailing, however.

“Domino definitely placed some stresses on our relationship, particularly when Kacie’s videos accidentally included private conversations between her and I,” said Annabell. “But our relationship has been pretty public from the start, which was rather new to both of us.”

Horace said the Domino experience helped in the long run. “I’m the first to admit that I’m not always very good at talking about these things, but writing letters to Annabell through Domino gave me a way to focus my thoughts and share some things with her that I wasn’t brave enough to share other ways. Sure, I could have sent those to her through other, more private means, but there’s something about doing it publicly that holds you accountable and keeps you honest.”

Erin said Domino was a blessing and a curse for the couple. “At the end of the day, it was a part of their story, so you have to love it for that, even if the application is still working out some bugs.”

The wedding had to be organized in a hurry because Horace’s father is having open-heart surgery on Tuesday. Horace’s sister Sarah and her family flew in from Australia, while their parents drove down from Northern California. Things were further complicated when Erin discovered she was pregnant, though she got her appetite back in time and didn’t need to alter her bridesmaid dress.

Weeks of frantic planning ended in a lovely ceremony at the beach home of Dan Gray, a friend of the newlyweds. A number of local businesses contributed, including Sanditon Cupcakes for the wedding cake, Sanditon Pixels for the invitations, Sanditon Photography and SandiFlowers. The reception was catered by Pane e Vino.

Annabell said she wanted to make a community event of the wedding. “Sanditon has been my home for a long time and it was really important to me that we involve as many locals in the process as possible.”

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