Sanditon social media stumps Twitter

So many Sanditon residents and businesses have joined social media for the Domino beta test that Twitter is apparently mistaking some of them for automated spam accounts.

A number of Twitter accounts, including the Sanditon Sun's, have been temporarily or even permanently suspended in the last ten days while people tweet links from their Tumblr pages or follow other Sanditon accounts.

The microblogging site’s list of rules says your account can be suspended if you follow large amounts of users in a short time period, post multiple unrelated topics to a hashtag, send large numbers of duplicate @replies or mentions, add a large number of unrelated users to lists, or if your updates consist mainly of links - all of which might apply to people tweeting to #sanditon or @SanditonCA.

The Sun’s account has been suspended multiple times after we tried to share news stories from Tumblr using its automated tweet function.

We sent a message to Twitter’s support team, but so far we have not received a reply.